At Barb Fritsch, CPA, we offer you a wide range of assistance, including business financial, personal financial, accounting, auditing and tax advisory services.

Tax Preparation

- Individual Federal, State, Local
- Business Federal, State, Local
- Trusts Federal, State
- Gift Federal
- Exempt Organizations Federal
- Payroll Federal, State, Local


- Check writing
- Monthly/Quarterly Reports
- Payroll Service
     > Paychecks
     > Payroll tax deposits
     > Quarterly payroll filings - Federal, State, Local
     > Year end payroll filings – Federal, State, Local
     > W-2s
- Year end reports
- Bank reconciliations
- 1099s

Business Setup

- How to track income and expenses
- What expenses are allowable for tax purposes
- What type of organization
- Employees versus contracted help

Schedule a Consultation

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. : Helpful Tips



 - When completing a W-4 you should consider more than just the worksheet. Did you receive a refund or owe taxes last year? Will your income increase, decrease or be about the same? Is your marital status changing, are your dependents changing?


 - Traditional IRA and Roth IRA contributions limited to $5,500 for 2015. $6,500 if 50 or older. Traditional IRA no contributions allowed once reach age 701/2. Roth IRA no age restriction on contributions.


 - Estimated Tax Payment Dates: April 15, June 15, Sept 15, and Jan 15 for Federal and State.